Human Touch Massage Therapy
Human Touch Massage Therapy

Stay on top of your game with Human Touch Massage Therapy

Facilitating the Body's Natural Healing Process

All of our sessions are customizied to your individual needs

Swedish, Deep Tissue, CranioSacral, Srain/Counter-Strain and Stretching are just some of the modalities we use to bring balance back to your body



We are committed to your long term health and well-being.  Discover all the benefits you'll enjoy as one of our treasured clients.


We will soothe all your aches and pains, but don't just think of our services as a therapeutic remedy. Our massage therapy and classes have preventative advantages, too. Enhance your health and improve your performance with our holistic treatments.


We look forward to getting to know you personally!

Our competent and friendly team uses the latest techniques to provide you with a holistic, individualized treatment. We offer customized treatments for preventative care, massage therapy and rehabilitation. Whether you'd like to focus on preventative care or are looking to rehab an injury, our program will help you meet your goals with confidence.

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Human Touch Massage Therapy


Serving New York City, Westchester and Rockland Counties


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Do you have any idea what you should know before your first appointment or if your insurance company will pick up the bill.  Contact us about any questions you may have. Our professional team will be happy to help you.


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